Tailored disability
support services
for you

I’m here to help empower people living with a disability.

To assist you to develop skills and confidence to become more independent.

Help you hit the goals on your NDIS plan and set new goals for the future.

Support you and your family in day to day life.

“Let’s focus on your


not your disabilities”

Disability Support coordination


Navigating the disability support sector and all that’s involved can be overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating.

I’m here to make it stress less.

disability support coordination at disability support and management services in hobart with male in wheelchair with female companion

Together with your NDIS plan, I will help you receive the full benefits of your plan based on your individual needs and situation.

I can book your medical appointments, social experiences, provide transportation, advocate, or offer support at appointments if it’s the support you need.

It’s all about you and providing you with the best possible care I can.

And if any problems arise along the way, I’m on hand to deal with and problem solve them to a successful resolution.

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How a support co-ordinator can help you. 

Individual support

Everyone’s situation, support, and family dynamics are different.

I’m here to provide individual and practical support to you and your family.

In a nutshell, to make your life easier. Ranging from:


Assisting you to find people to help with household tasks


Helping you to complete paperwork


Supporting you to find people to help with your personal care assistance


Helping you find people to help with your shopping


Other daily activities as required

individual disability support at disability support and management services hobart with female in wheelchair cutting fruit at kitchen bench

And of utmost importance, I’m here to provide emotional support to you and your family.

Learn more about how an NDIS plan can help you.

“Whatever  your goals,

they’re our goals now”

Skill development and life skills

Would you like to become more independent or explore new skills?


Personal care - showering, toileting






Social skills


Transport to become comfortable and confident to travel independently if that is your goal

skill development and life skills support with female child in wheelchair on basketball court

I can provide training and support either in a personalised and tailored one on one situation between us or with a provider chosen by you.  

Or I can arrange for you to attend a group activity if that meets your needs better.

Respite services

Respite can be an excellent opportunity for you or your career to relax, recharge and regroup.

Whether it be an hour or two, an overnight stay, or a holiday, a change of scenery can do wonders to people’s spirits and emotional state.

respite services with disability support and management services in hobart with young female in wheelchair with female companion


Would you like to focus on your abilities?

Mentoring is an excellent way for us to build a relationship and work on specific goals you want to knock out of the park.

We will set short and long term goals and plan how we will achieve these together.

mentoring disability support lady in wheelchair at table and female companion discussing laptop contents

Let’s make a difference in your life

I’m here to provide friendly support that’s tailored to your needs.

Get in touch, and we’ll discover what that looks like for you.

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